Breastfeeding Supplies

Earth Mama Natural Nipple Butter 2oz
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Sore, cracked nipples? Mama’s got just the soothing balm for you! Natural Nipple Butter is lanolin free and not a bit sticky, so it smoothes on... More

Healing Hazel Adult Batic Amber Necklace
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What is a Baltic Amber Healing Jewelry?   Wearing baltic amber can help with pain along with other ailments. The warmth from the skin... More

Planet Wise Mini Lite Wet Bag
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Planet Wise Mini Lite Wet Bags  are most like  Planet Wise Zipper Sandwich Bags , but feature the popular  Best Bottom Diaper... More

Planet Wise Nursing Covers
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         This simple and discreet, yet stylish nursing cover helps Mama feel at ease... More

Planet Wise Wet/Dry Clutch Bag
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Planet Wise  has added the  Wet/Dry Clutch  that is perfect to use when you are on the go with baby or even out on the town. ... More

The Coconut Stick
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Coconut oil has been used for thousands of years to heal and nourish skin. Many moisturizers contain a lot of water and petroleum-based ingredients that... More