Pros and Cons of Cloth Diapering

Ever wonder the pro's and con's of cloth diapering at home, using disposable diapers or cloth diaper service?  Every child's need is different along with the location of your home, type of water and sewer system, type of detergents used and other variables.

Cloth diapering at home have become easier and more convenient  compared to the original cloth diapers our parents and grandparents used many years ago.  Many parents that opt for cloth diapers enjoy the health and environmental benefits.

Cloth Diapering Pros:
- Low overall start up cost
- Overall low cost for each child
- Healthiest option for your child
- The same cloth diapers can be used for multiple children
- Wide variety of diapers, sizes and colors
- Control your washing routine
- Less impact on the environment overall

- Increase in laundry frequency
Cons of Disposable Diapers Disposable Diapers are considered to be one of the most convenient  yet comes with a lot of risks and concerns.  Over 5% of household waste in landfills are comprised of these disposable diapers.  They take over 450 years to fully biodegrade while ithe chemicals within leech into earth polluting the soil and water.

- Convenience
- Available in many stores

- High cost overall
- Cannot be reused
- Increase in garbage waste and fees
- Scientifically proven short-term and long-term health risks
- Negative environmental impact of over 450 years
Cloth Diaper Service Van Cloth Diaper Service adds convenience but comes at cost and concerns.  Unlike cloth diapering at home, the diapers are only good for each child and cannot be reused for the next child.  The cost overall will be very similar to using disposable diapers.

- Convenience
- Minimal startup cost

- Over $884~$1,300 per year, per child ($17-$25/week average)
- Need the service for each child
- Cannot control the type of detergents and washing method used
- Risk of no service during increment weather, natural disasters and other variables
- Annual cost can exceed $1,300; as much as disposable diapers!
- Added carbon footprint with diaper service vehicles