Types of Cloth Diapers

Here are the list of today's cloth diapers.  From the very original flat diapers used by our grandparents, there are number of options now available to fit your needs!  Don't hesitate to contact us if you're unsure of which type of cloth diapers to choose.

All In Ones (AIOs): A diaper and a cover that is in one unit. An AIO can have Aplix/Velcro or snap closure. 

All In Two (AI2): This is a two piece cloth diaper with a cover and an insert that usually snaps into the cover.

Contoured Diapers: A diaper with an hourglass shape. These diapers do not require folding, have no closures and usually no elastic. These are easier than a prefold and less expensive that a fitted diaper.
Covers: All of the above diapers require covers to be waterproof. A cover is simply anything that "covers" the diaper so the urine doesn't leak out of it and helps to contain messes. A cover can be made out of PUL or TPU material, wool and specially treated cotton. Some covers are pull on or wrap style that have to be closed at the front, they may have Aplix/Velcro or snap closures. Wool longies that are very similar to pant style are a very popular winter time cover.

Fitted Diaper: fitted diaper is a step up from a prefold diaper. It has elastic at the legs and usually at the back for a better fit. It can have Aplix/Velcro or snaps to keep the front closed, some fitteds have no closure at all and these are called closureless fitteds.

Flat Diaper: A large square of fabric that needs to be folded and fastened with pins or a Snappi. Some people fold this diaper and lay it inside of the cover with out fastening it. These are the old fashioned cloth diapers that our grandparents and their parents used. Some common ways of folding this diaper are the kite, origami and pad fold.  Flat diaper is one of the original type of cloth diapers used by our grandparents!

Hybrid Diapers: A hybrid diaper is a diaper that has a cover and a cloth insert that snaps or lays into the cover and has a biodegradable insert. You can use the cloth or biodegradable insert depending on your needs.  Hybrid diapers are great for traveling as you throw away the biodegradable insert. It also weighs less than a cloth diaper.
Pocket Diapers: A diaper that has an opening at the back to place an insert inside of.  This is a two piece diaper system

Prefold Diaper: A rectangular diaper with more layers in the middle than on the sides. Most prefolds have 8 layers in the middle and 4 layers on each side. It is folded and sewn this way, hence the name prefold. There are two different types of prefolds, Indian and Chinese. Indian prefolds are usually thicker and unbleached, Chinese are usually bleached and thinner. These diapers can be folded to fit the child and pinned or Snappied. You can tri-fold them or fold in thirds and lay in a cover with no pins or Snappi.

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