Cloth Diaper Stripping

Stripping your cloth diapers is the equivalent of deep cleaning!  Unlike prepping, the method of stripping is used when there's a stink issue, and issues such as:
- Natural fabric is starting to repel water
- Synthetic fabric is absoring water
- Used diapers you bought have overwhelming scent or have other stink issue related above

Cause of Repelling and Other Issues
Not all problems are alike.  If a detergent is being used that's not residue free, build-up occurs at a molecular level which traps oil, dirt, waste from the baby as well as bacteria.  Over time when the build-up isn't cleaned with each wash cycle, the bacteria keeps growing and leaving its feces causing that stink issue.  If the bacteria growth isn't completely taken care of with each wash cycle, the baby's pee can carry those bacteria to the surface causing burns and rashes.  You may also notice natural fibers repelling pee or the synthetic diaper cover is leaking through.
Fabric and washing alone is not always the cause.  Hard to very hard water can add to the problem very quickly with mineral deposits that wreck havoc on your washing routines.  Just like trying to wash your dishes or regular clothes, people with hard water will notice mineral deposits over time if not with every wash.  The same thing happens to your cloth diapers' fabric that loses its absoring or repelling property in keeping the waste in but also cleaning properly.

When to Strip
We recommend stripping when switching detergents, switching washing machines, had heavy soil or dirty clothes and when cloth diapers are just not getting cleaned with each wash.

What Stripping Does
For natural fibers such as cotton, hemp and bamboo, getting rid of the build-ups including oil and bacteria means the fibers can absorb moisture once again.  If you've had repelling issue with diapers, the problem should go away once fully stripped.  For synthetic material, the wicking property will also help to keep the pee and waste within the diaper.

Recommended Stripping Method
Residue free detergent is one of the most effective way to strip your cloth diapers for all water hardness.  Most residue free detergents are generally easy on the skin as well as all range of fabrics.  It works with top loading and HE or front loading machines. It is free of harsh chemicals, dyes and fragrances. It biodegrades and doesn't require numerous extra rinses like Dawn dish soap does.
- To strip your diapers, start with clean diapers, put the diapers and the detergent in the machine and wash on heavy. You only need one extra rinse and dry as normal.

- If you've never used residue-free detergent, we usually advise customers to run the washer empty with certified residue-free detergent to strip the washer itself first.

- Then wash any dirty diapers with stripping detergent to see the results.  If there are any heavy build-up, it may take two or more wash cycles to completely eliminate the build-up and properly disinfect while restoring the fabric's property.