About Petite Bottoms

Petite Bottoms Cloth Diaper Store New HampshirePetite Bottoms specializes in cloth diapers and natural family products.  The company was launched with the intent to help our friends and parents who are looking to cloth diaper their little ones.  We strongly believe in the companies that we choose to carry products from and strive to bring you high quality material and worksmanship at a price that is affordable.  Being earth friendly as well as what's safe for your children is a very important mission for us.

Petite Bottoms is a big supporter of WAHMs (Work at Home Moms) nationwide and sources many of the products within the United States and Canada.  If we carry products made outside the country we do so because the production is carried out in a responsible manner and the employees are paid a fair wage. This ensures quality products, close contact with our vendors and that our customers know where their products are coming from.

Kim - Owner, Petite Bottoms

Kim has over 20 years of experience in operating a successful business in the state of New Hampshire.  Her love for natural and organic living also lead to cloth diapering that ultimately turned her part time business into a retail store.  She's not only very professional and friendly but is a very positive individual that's known to think 'outside the box'.  She is also a mother of three children who genuinely love to help out other people including animals and are actively supporting various organizations outside her business.

Petite Bottoms - Cloth Diaper Store in New Hampshire"The hardest part of cloth diapering for me was the cleaning up of the poop.  It took me so much time and effort that I almost gave up on cloth diapering."

Like many of you, I thought that there must be a better way. I tried the disposable diaper liners and "the old t-shirt" method and found both to be inferior products and ideas.  The disposable liners would bunch up, move around or not be big and thick enough to catch everything.  They seemed to fall apart when I tried to pull them out of the diaper.

I also thought that using something disposable defeated the point of using reusable cloth diapers.  A diaper liner needs to be sturdy to catch and hold everything not only in the diaper but for long enough for you to get to the toilet to clean it up.  I started making my own diaper liners out of flannel.  I happily and with great success used them for many months.  I realized one day when several people had asked me about them that if they helped me so much and changed my mind about cloth diapering maybe they could do the same thing for other moms too.

This idea was the birth of Petite Bottoms. We grew from this one product to a full blown cloth diapering store and service. We carry many natural and organic products as well as other essentials for raising children and carring for your whole family.  Please continue to check back often as we are always looking to expand our product line.

Thank You to all of my family, friends, and the wonderful women that tested my products. Your help has been amazing, your thoughts inspiring, and your feed back crucial.  I appreciate beyond words what you have all done for me.