Should I Cloth Diaper at Home?

There are many facts to consider and questions to ask yourself when choosing what type of diapers you will use for your child.  You'll also want to consider the long-term cost including disposal of diapers and other consideration people often look over.

Cloth Diapering at Home
- What type of detergent should I use?
- What is the associated cost to start cloth diapering at home?
- What are the water and electricity cost?
- What type of cloth diapers should I go with?
- Is cloth diapering going to be okay with our septic tank system?
- We have a very hard water, is it going to be okay to cloth diaper at home?
- Should I use bleach or other chemicals?
- Do I need a top loader washing machine?

Disposable Diapers
- What type of disposable diapers am I going to use?
- What are the health risks of using disposable diapers?
- What are the costs associated?
- Is my child allergic to synthetic material or chemicals within the diapers?
- Is it going to increase the cost of garbage pick up with the number of diapers thrown away?
- Do I know the environmental impact using disposable diapers?

Cloth Diaper Service
- What are the costs?
- Are there product and service guarantees?
- Will the cost rise over time?
- What type of detergent is used by the company?
- Can the company certify they do not use bleach or other chemicals?
- Do they have a dedicated facility to provide quality service?
- Can I tour such facility?
- What about incremental weather and natural disasters, how would I know I'll get my diapers?

At Petite Bottoms we can answer many questions you have about cloth diapering at home and why it's economical, healthier for your baby and find the best solution for your needs!