Benefits of Cloth Wipes

We recommend using cloth wipes for a few different reasons. You will save money by reusing your wipes and not having to purchase disposable wipes. You aren't exposing your child to chemicals and fragrances that could irritate their skin. It is easier than disposable wipes because you can throw it in the diaper pail and wash it with your cloth diapers.

There are many different fabrics that cloth diapers are made of:
- Flannel
- Fleece cotton, bamboo, hemp or polyester
- Terry Cloth
- Organic Cotton Sherpa or Cotton Sherpa
- Velour
- Bamboo
- Hemp
Cloth wipes are usually 8x8" in size and two layers thick, sometimes one. They can be a natural color, white, dyed colors, or printed fabrics. There are many two layer wipes that are combinations of the fabrics above.   The easiest way to use your cloth wipes is to store them dry and wet with warm water as needed. You can use plain warm water for pee diapers and warm water and a wipes solution for poop diaper changes. You may need as many as four wipes for poop diapers.

When you are done with changing your baby you can toss the dirty wipes in with the diaper into the diaper pail. If there is a lot of poop on the wipe you can wash it out in the toilet, wring it dry and than toss it in the pail.

*A diaper pail liner is a large bag that is waterproof and lines the diaper pail or is used to store a large amount of dirty diapers. You need at least two of these. A wet bag is a smaller travel size bag that holds about 4-6 diapers. You will need at least two of these.