Sweet Pea One Size Pockets

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What makes this diaper so great?

An all snap system in a 3 piece diaper! One size….from birth until potty training!

With 4 rows of snaps on the front, you get a total of 3 different sizes for your diaper. This will allow the diaper to fit most babies from about 8 lbs- 35 lbs. An investment that will save you money throughout your diapering time!

  • The waterproof outer barrier keeps wetness contained.
  • The soft micro fleece inner layer gently touches your baby's skin, pulling away moisture and keeping your baby rash-free, dry, and comfortable. The micro fleece is made of 100% Polyester and is custom-milled.
  • The updated top-stitching circles the top of the diaper and the tabs, providing reinforcement and demonstrating our commitment to making high quality diapers that hold up wash after wash.
  • The stretchier elastic around the legs provides maximum comfort for baby.
  • The leg casings create "mini-gussets" to keep messes contained and leaks at bay.
  • The adjustable snap settings grow with your baby and enable you to adjust for your baby's waist and leg sizes.
  • The variety of size settings - including small, medium, large - ensure that the Sweet Pea Diaper One-Size Pocket Diaper will properly fit your baby.
  • Openings at both ends of the pocket allow the inserts to agitate out in the wash.  No need to pull them before tossing the diaper in your pail!
  • A handy hang tag in the back of the pocket makes line drying a breeze!