Superdo Prewashed Inserts

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Our SuperDo insert is a prewashed insert for heavy wetters and overnight.  The SuperDo packs a powerful absorbancy with 6 layers of hemp terry and 2 layers of ultra-thirsty microfiber.  This insert is even more absorbant than 2 microfiber inserts together. 

The hemp is prewashed to avoid shrinking.  These can be washed immediately with diapers, though another 3-4 washings is still needed for full absorbancy.  The microfiber is very plush and it's extra absorbant!  (Note: Heavywetters may still need a doubler for overnight.  Also, while these are prewashed to remove natural oils, they will still need a few washings to achieve maximum absorbancy.)



This comparison shows the SuperDo next to two microfiber inserts.  The SuperDo is not only far more absorbant, but it's a lot trimmer, too!


Instructions for Use:
Slide into the pocket of a pocket diaper.  When soiled, remove from pocket and place both insert and pocket diaper into the diaper pail.

Washing Instructions:
Wash with your diapers or separately, whichever you prefer.  Run a cold rinse first to remove soil and prevent stains from setting.  Then wash in hot with 1/2 the amount of detergent recommended on the detergent package.  Dry on any setting or hang to dry.

Small 12"x5.25"

Medium 14"x5.25"
Large 16"x5.25"

Hemp: 45% hemp, 55% cotton blend
Microfiber: 100% polyester

Made in the USA.