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Rumparooz Wet Bag

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About Kanga Care Wet Bags
- Barrier Seam Sealing
- No “gluing” nor “ironing” to seal seams
- Seams are physically sealed away from moisture!
- Design exclusive to Kanga Care
3D Design
- Traditional “regular” size wet bag, except instead of being flat (like an envelope), ours is HALF MOON shaped to allow more volume
- Holds up to 15 diapers and 15 inserts
- Color Matching YKK Zippers
- Heavy duty and easy to grab and zip! Zipper placed on the front so the top of the bag functions as a lid.
- Signature Kanga-KAM® Snap
- Biodegradable; Kanga Care wet bags are biodegradable when composted and will break down in
4.5-5 years.
Wet Bag Biodegradability
In 2008 Kanga Care started using a biodegradable TPU waterproof material. Biodegradable TPU is solvent-free. Biodegradable TPU is a polyester fabric that has been laminated with a thermoplastic polyurethane using a heat bonding process. This process is low in toxicity and is better for the natural environment. Both the TPU laminate and the polyester fabric the laminate is applied to are biodegradable. When composted they will biodegrade in 4-5 years.

- Barrier Technology
- Seam Sealing
- NO Glueing
- NO Ironing
- Moisture physically sealed off
- YKK Zippers
- Heavy Duty
- Color matching / Coordinating
Signature Kangaroo Snap
- Industrial KAM
- Heavy Duty Hold
- Will hold weight of 15 diapers

Biodegratable TPU
- Heavy Duty YKK Zipper (color matching)
- Signature "Kangaroo" Snap
- Holds 15 Rumparooz and (15) 6r Soakers
- Barrier Seam Sealing Technology
- Dimentional Design - holds more volume