Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental

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Do you want to cloth diaper your baby but are over whelmed by the number of choices out there?! Our Cloth Diaper Rentals are for you!
The Petite Bottoms Newborn AIO and/or Pocket Diaper Rental program is a great way to cloth diaper your newborn and try a variety of cloth diapers. You won't know what you like or what works for you or your baby until your baby is here. Choose the Prefold and/or fitted add on option for the best variety package that we offer! It is what many customers choose when purchasing newborn diapers at our store.

This Rental Includes:
24 gently used or new AIOs and/or pocket diapers in gender neutral colors/prints.
You can choose to rent just AIOs or just Pocket diapers. If you would like to try both, choose the "Mixed" option at the time of check out. You will get 12 of each type of diaper. If there is a particular brand that you would like to try simply leave a note in the comments section. We will do everything possible to try and include it with your rental.

- 1 Pail liner
- 1 Wet bag
- Optional add on of 12 Newborn Prefolds and 2 Newborn Covers for only $25
- Optional add on off 6 Newborn Fitteds and 2 Newborn Covers for only $25
- If you choose the prefold and fitted add on you will recieve 4 covers
- Optional prefold and/or fitted add on will include one Snappie 
- Cloth diaper reference guide, includes washing instructions
- Free shipping and return mailing instructions if your rental is being mailed to you

At the time of checkout leave your estimated due date in the comments section. We will mail your rental to you two to three weeks prior to baby's estimated arrival. We will include instructions on how to package your diapers properly. If your baby should arrive early we can ship out your rental immediately. Local customers can choose to pick up your rental at our retail location, inside Bona Fide Green Goods, 25 North Main Street in downtown Concord, NH or have it delivered to your door step!

Break Down of Fees:
$300 Rental Fee
Minus $225 (deposit and the cost of the 8 week rental, both are non refundable) 
$75 store credit or $35 cash back, upon the return of the rental package. Minus any damaged or not returned items and late fees of $5 per day.

We recommend purchasing your rental two months prior to your estimated due date because we want to ensure that all of your items are available to ship to you.
The deposit and two month rental fee of $225 are not refundable even if you choose to cancel your rental or return it early.

The following detergents are the only detergents approved to wash your cloth diaper rental diapers with:
Tiny Bubbles
Sports Wash
Rockin Green
Redemption Soap
Eco Sprout
Country Save
The Laundry Tarts
Ruby Moon
Eco Nuts

If there is a detergent that you would like to use that is not on this list please contact us before use to ensure that it is cloth diaper safe.
Please do not use fabric softener on your diaper rental diapers.
Please use only cloth diaper safe diaper rash creams on your cloth diaper rental diapers, CJ's Butter, GroVia Magic Stick, Thirsties Booty Love, California Natural, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Bottoms Up, Ruby Petuty, Coconut Oil, Eco Sprout rash cream. If there is a diaper rash cream that you would like to use and it's not on this list please contact us before use to ensure that it is cloth diaper safe.
Using items that are not listed above prior to double checking with us may result in the forfeit of your store credit and/or cash back.

If you find that a certain AIO or Pocket diaper is not working for your baby please let us know. We can exchange it for one that does!
You are able to customize your rental to work best for you. We have an add on option of 12 newborn prefolds or 6 newborn fitteds and 2 newborn covers for $25 each option. We have tried to keep the options and explaination simple and clear for those that are new to cloth diapering. We understand that having a baby can be over whelming and the choices for cloth diapering are many. We are here to help you pick the best rental program for you. If you need any assistance please stop in the store or call us at, 424-256-8448.

Rentals may be a mix of gently used and new items. Some gently used may have small or faint stains on them.
By purchasing this package online or in our retail store you agree to all of the above and Petite Bottoms terms, conditions, explanations and requirements.