Knickernappies Doornob Pail Liner

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Sometimes there's just not enough space for a plastic diaper pail.  Doorknob Diaper Pails are perfect for nurseries, bathrooms, and traveling.  All you need is a doorknob!  The Doorknob Diaper Pail attaches securely with snaps but still allows the doorknob to function normally.  The pail naturally gaps open just enough to drop in a diaper and is easily washed along with diapers in the washing machine.  Also features a sewn-in fabric swatch to use with a drop or two of essential oils to help control odors. 

- Doorknob Diaper Pails are made with waterproof PUL.
- They don't have drawstrings or cords, just elastic and snaps.
- Doorknob Diaper Pails also fit well into most standard trash cans and plastic diaper pails, making them a versatile pail liner.  Perfect for traveling, swimming, etc! 

- Washing instructions: Wash and dry with your diapers!
- Dimensions: approximately 24" long by 22" wide.  They fit well into 13 gallon trash cans.
- A Knickernappies product. 
- 100% polyester
- Made in the USA.

Instructions for Use:

Doorknob Diaper Pail instructions