Inserts and Doublers

Best Bottom Stay Dry Inserts
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We wanted to keep it simple but know that our customers want choices! We have created two different types of Regular inserts to snap into the shell for... More

Bottombumpers Organic Cotton Doublers
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Made of 2 layers of Organic Cotton. Designed to add extra absorbency when placed under or snapped into your existing Bottombumpers soaker! Made... More

Bottombumpers Snap In Soaker
Out of Stock
Have a Bottombumpers diaper with a worn out, stained soaker? You can now replace them with brand new squishy soft Soakers! Soaker is made of organic... More

Buttons Hemp Cotton Daytime Inserts
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Our Hemp/Cotton Daytime Inserts have 4 layers of premium natural fabric made up of 55% hemp and 45% cotton, and 1 layer of soft fleece on top to... More

Buttons Hemp/Cotton Nightime Doubler
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Our Hemp/Cotton Nightime Doublers have 5 layers of premium natural fabric. Made of 55% hemp and 45% cotton. Our doublers are designed to snap into... More

Buttons Microfiber Daytime Inserts
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Our Daytime Inserts are made of absorbent microfleece with a luxuriously soft layer of fleece on top. Buttons cloth inserts snap in our one size... More

LoopyDo Prewashed Insert
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LoopyDo © Prewashed Inserts are a favorite with cloth diapering moms worldwide.  Made of 2 layers of thirsty hemp... More

Organic Cotton Doublers (3-pk)
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Features and Benefits: Use with current cloth diapering system as extra absorbency for heavy wetters or nighttime use... More

Superdo Prewashed Inserts
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Our SuperDo insert is a prewashed insert for heavy wetters and overnight.  The SuperDo packs a powerful absorbancy with 6 layers of hemp... More

Thirsties Hemp Inserts (2-pk)
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Prewash Sizes: Small 5"x12" Large 5.5" x 14.5" (Hemp will shrink about 10% after washing & drying) Need an overnight... More